Play-Ex has partnered with a world renowned former premier league physiotherapist to help put you back on the road to recovery.

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“Phil is a top physio and a really good friend. I spent 5 years with Phil when he was Head of Medical at Wolves and his hard work, skill and knowledge helped massively in keeping me fit and allowing me to play the best football of my career. He’s someone I still speak with and see regularly now to discuss any injuries. I’d trust Phil with my life without a doubt.”

Conor Coady
Wolves and England

Injuries are unfortunately part and parcel of professional sport at the highest level, so we have partnered with a renowned former premier league physiotherapist to help put you back on the road to recovery.

Play-Ex will connect you with the expert advice you need with a free of charge tele-health session to discuss your injury following which you will be offered the appropriate advice and treatment plan for ongoing management.

1. Initial consultation via video platform

During this consultation our physio will establish the nature and likely cause of the issue and begin discussing treatment options. This will either be advice regarding ongoing self-management or may be a recommendation regarding necessary treatment.

2. In-Person physiotherapy

If hands-on treatment is deemed the best option to resolve the issue, our physio will arrange to see you in-person himself either at his facility in the midlands or at your home / training location, alternatively (depending on location) he may refer you on to one of our network of approved providers around the country.

3. Ongoing management

Once the issue is resolved, you will be provided with an ongoing management plan to minimise the risk of re-injury and ensure you stay healthy as you return to competition.

Connect with our Physio

Other services:

Second opinion service

We understand that on some occasions, injuries do not respond to management plans in the expected way and a second opinion may be helpful. Our physio is happy to discuss both with you and your physiotherapist your injury and the management choices explored so far in order to give another perspective on the issue to help you back to competition as quickly as possible.

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Play-Ex offers a free, inclusive service with no management fees, no contract and no obligation.

Services are presented on a seamless platform available on smartphone, tablet and laptop.

Play-Ex is an independent platform. Just impartial connections with the right service at the right time.

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