Sports professionals can attract high home insurance premiums due to their public profile, or the expensive nature of equipment and other possessions potentially kept on their property. We direct you to home insurance providers who can provide you with a fair premium that’s tailored to your sporting occupation.

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With every sport, there’s a risk of suffering an injury which could compromise your ability to earn for a period of time. Through Play-Ex, you can source injury insurance to help you cover unexpected costs, so that you can concentrate on getting back to peak fitness with peace of mind.

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Career Ending Injury

Sports professionals push their bodies to the limits, and this can often incur high costs. Career-ending insurance compensates an athlete should the athlete’s career end through injury, accident or illness. Play-Ex enables you to find the right insurance providers for this crucial element of financial planning.

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Life insurance pays out a cash sum to those closest to you in the event of your death, helping to minimise the financial impact such an occurrence might otherwise have on loved ones. It is especially worth considering life insurance as it can financially protect people – such as children or a partner – who depend on the money you earn. Play-Ex sources life insurance providers who can design policies which discriminate between higher and lower risk sporting environments so that you get the fairest deal.

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Income Protection

The unique nature and earning-potential of pro sport make it challenging for sports men and women to source adequate income protection. Key considerations include accident, sickness or unemployment cover, which can provide regular monthly payments for an extended period should disability, long-term injury or involuntary redundancy prevent you from playing and earning from your sport. Play-Ex guides you towards industry-specific insurance providers who can create a clear, cost-friendly policy for your unique requirements as a sports person.

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Sports professionals are often locked into short-term fixed contracts, which means they are often bracketed as a high risk, despite their potential high net worth. The situation is made worse because standard mortgage providers consider professional athletes to be a high injury risk.

Play-Ex connects you with specialist mortgage brokers who will understand the details of your professional profile and the risks of your specific discipline, enabling you to source a deal that suits your requirements perfectly.

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When you’re trying to concentrate on your game, you don’t want to be distracted by managing financial affairs.

Accountancy professionals take care of all aspects of your accounts so that you can stay focused on being the best you can be, while knowing that you’re making the most of your earnings.

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Financial Advice

The unpredictable income path of a professional athlete can throw up any number of unique and complex financial hurdles.

Combined with the relatively short earning window offered by most sporting disciplines, even the highest-earning athletes can easily run into financial difficulty without competent financial planning advice.

Play-Ex links you with trusted financial planning specialists who can give you the guidance you need on every step of your journey in professional sport.

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Currency Transfers

Currency Transfers offer a safe and secure way to make international payments, in a way that might be quicker and more cost-efficient than using your bank.

You might need them to make one-off payments, to send money as a gift, to cover a deposit for an overseas property, or to regularly send salary or pension payments in the event of moving abroad.

By connecting with services through Play-Ex, you can rest assured that you’re reaching transfer companies to meet your needs at the best rates possible.

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As a sports professional, sponsorship can be a pathway to products, services and funding that can take your career to the next level. It’s not all about the material gain either – attracting commercial backing is a major statement that proves you’re making waves in your chosen sport. Simply sign up to the Play-Ex platform now, and your profile will be considered by potential brands on an on-going basis.

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Secure Mobile & Data Solutions

We know communication is a priority for all travelling sports professionals, with the safety and security of your personal details being paramount. Play-Ex can help connect you with specialist mobile phone network providers whose plans and products are designed exclusively to meet your individual needs.

Bespoke tariffs with a wide range of options can be tailor made for you to use both locally and internationally, guaranteeing your personal details (such as billing information, personal addresses and bank details) remain secure at all times.

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Relocation Services

Relocating can be a stressful experience, and is often made even more difficult if you’re a professional athlete. Whether you are moving home within the UK, moving overseas or simply adding to your property portfolio, Play-Ex can help take away the stress by connecting you with experienced, customer-focussed professionals.

Our bespoke providers can handle moves of all sizes from single items, to huge multiple home moves.

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Car Insurance

Sportsmen and women are typically viewed as a high risk for car insurance providers, irrespective of the applicant’s age, gender, income or sporting discipline. Play-Ex connects you with vehicle insurance providers who understand that it’s unfair to pigeonhole sports professionals in this way.

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Car Deals

Car Leasing Deals

Car leasing is a cost-effective and hassle free method of driving a brand-new car. With a wide range of car manufacturers and the latest models, we can help you find a great new car leasing deal at a highly competitive rate.

The offers listed on our platform are not available to the general public – they are exclusively for sports professionals and Play-Ex sports clients. You may also be eligible for a sponsored VIP preferential purchase scheme, so sign up to Play-Ex now and find out if you qualify.

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Car Finance

Sports professionals often have unique needs and challenges when it comes to car finance. At Play-Ex we only work with providers that have the unique skill set to help to deliver the best deal to suit your needs.

Working with individuals and organisations from the worlds of football, rugby, golf, tennis, motorsport, film, music, media and now YouTube, our providers are able to advise on the best car finance products and borrowing strategies for those working in these sectors.

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Travel Insurance

Standard travel insurance typically holds many limitations for professional sports people, with even sports-specific policies excluding cover for athletes who are paid to compete. Play-Ex connects you with specialist travel insurers who enable you, your family and team to pursue your dreams while on the road with complete peace of mind.

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Visa Services

As a sports professional it is highly likely you’ll be travelling internationally, sometimes competing in countries which have strict entry criteria. Failure to obtain the correct travel visa can, and often does, result in rejected or delayed entry. All our providers are industry experts, so whether you are travelling for sporting or tourism purposes they will ensure that you are aware of, and compliant with, all of the necessary entry and visa requirements for your chosen destination.

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Airport VIP Services

Travelling as a sports professional can often be the worst part of the job. Long queues and intense security checks can lead to high levels of stress and anxiety, which is the last thing you need before a competition.

Whether you are departing or arriving, you can now experience the best kept secret in aviation. Our providers specialise in affordable airport VIP meet and greet experiences which are available at global airports worldwide (regardless of your ticket status). The service helps expedite you through all the check in’s security and immigration formalities.

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Many sports professionals are not maximising their income generating potential as they are missing out on sponsorship opportunities, endorsement deals and personal appearance bookings. Up until now brands and fans have not had a simple means of engaging with their favourite stars.

This is where our partners at Starfolio can help. They facilitate the online management of revenue generating opportunities between stars, brands and fans. Brands and fans can discover and book talent with ease, from local stars to global icons.

Sports professionals can now unlock a new revenue stream, with the ability to manage and control bookings on one simple dashboard. While Starfolio can’t make you a star, they can make you shine a little brighter.

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Mental Fitness

Mental Fitness

We understand the pressure and challenges elite sport can bring – making sure your performance matches your ability is not always easy. Our sports psychology practitioners can help you train and compete effectively and maximise your potential.

Discover simple but powerful techniques which will allow you to perform to your full potential, deal with distractions and successfully handle those career defining moments.

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