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It’s not worth the risk: why professional athletes need injury insurance

Monday 30th March 2020

It’s an all-too familiar story for sports professionals: training is going great and your performances are improving. Then injury strikes.

There’s the physical pain, shortly followed by that sinking feeling and the questions come thick and fast: How bad is it? How long am I out for? What can I do right now to get on the road to recovery?

If you’re lucky, it might be a case for the magic sponge, some physiotherapy and a week or two resting up. You’ll lose ground on your competitors, sure, but it’s a challenge you should be able to overcome.

On the other hand, being out of the game for any longer can bring more complex, costly problems. If an injury or illness puts you out for months, maybe a whole season, it can jeopardise contracts, lose you sponsorship, and severely damage your ability to earn money.

Heaven forbid, it could even spell the end of your career in sport. With so much at stake, the right back-up is essential.

In specialist hands

Whether you’re among the highest paid professional athletes, or just starting out, specialist injury insurance has to be part of your game plan. It means you’ll be taken care of physically and financially, when you’re forced to the side-lines.

Specialist injury insurers have decades of industry experience, and will fast-track you to competitive, comprehensive policies that are designed with the elite athlete in mind.

They’ll be able to talk you through the different options available, taking into account the level of cover you need, the sport you play, and your personal needs, to create a policy that fits your requirements precisely.

Policies will typically take care of essentials, such as:

  • Sports injury cover and treatment
  • Your projected future earnings
  • Cost of a manager or agent
  • Loss of contract completion
  • Loss of sponsorship
  • Family coverage

Your policy can open access to private hospitals, healthcare programmes, sports injury medical facilities and treatments, supporting you and your loved ones should you be unable to earn money from your job.

You’ll also be able to receive worldwide travel insurance, so you’re protected in the event of an injury or illness happening abroad.

You can have all these options explained to you in a jargon-free, no-obligation quote, so you know what you’re getting before you choose a deal that’s right for you.

You and your career, protected

Cases are different for each individual, across all sports. But what’s certain, is that whether it’s a calf strain, a torn hamstring or something more serious, injury is part and parcel of elite sport.

Understandably, it’s associated with huge financial consequences and emotional distress. But these negatives can be greatly reduced with the right preparation.

This starts with obtaining sports injury insurance through providers who understand your situation and the challenges that sportsmen and women face in their daily lives.

How Play-Ex can help

Play-Ex connects you with approved specialist injury insurance providers.

Instead of using up your own time and energy, simply create an account with Play-Ex, and choose from our list of specialist sports injury insurers. Our platform is easy-to-use, available on all devices, and completely free to use.

And that’s not all.

Play-Ex connects you with many of the crucial services that sports professionals need to help manage their lives, from injury insurance and help with mortgages, to accountancy, financial advice and far more.

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