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Find the services you need in four simple steps:

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Create your free account in seconds – we just need your name and email address to get you set up.

2. Select A Service

Search for the service you need, whether it’s a mortgage, insurance, financial advice or something else.

3. Choose A Provider

Choose from our list of recommended providers, all specifically chosen to help get you the best deals.

4. Connect

Once your chosen provider has been contacted just sit back and wait for them to get in touch. It’s that easy!

Why Play-Ex?

Safe and secure

Play-Ex is a FREE, secure platform that is used by some of the UK’s leading sports professionals.

Full support for your career

Connect with trusted providers who specialise in supplying a wide range of services.

Raise your profile

Play-Ex helps sports professionals find potential sponsors by promoting them via social media.


Benefit from product discounts and giveaways through our brand partnerships.

We’ve got your back

Time, money and effort saved. Expert advice and support. You focus on being a champion.

No matter what stage you’re at in your career, Play-Ex is on your team.

We quickly connect you to finance solutions, bespoke insurance, and all the other essentials that can be difficult to find.

Play-Ex is a fast, simple and secure way for you to take care of what matters beyond the field of play.

Standard insurance providers often categorise sports professionals as high risk, whether that’s a footballer, boxer or golfer.

After hours of searching, athletes often find themselves stressed, frustrated and financially penalised by ill-fitting arrangements.

Play-Ex connects with bespoke services that are designed to fit the high-performance profile of the sporting elite.

Meet the Play-Ex Ambassadors

Team Play-Ex consists of three Olympic champions:


“As a player I got given the knowledge on how to get better by some great coaches and I hope I’ve done the same as a coach to the players I’ve worked with. I wish I had also been able to point and be pointed better in the right direction on how to look after my money and find the right policies and services for me. The Play-Ex platform does all that and more – for free.”

Ben Ryan

Rugby Coach and Sports Consultant

“It can be a nightmare for professional athletes to get insurance, a mortgage, and other life services through the standard channels. If I’d had The Play-Ex platform when I was competing, it would have saved me so much time, energy and money.”

Amy Williams MBE

“By using the Play-Ex Sports platform I was able to connect with a broker who was 30% cheaper for my car insurance than the cheapest price comparison website.”

Matt Williams

PGA Golf Professional

“A game changing platform I would recommend to all sports professionals.”

Ross Byrne

Leinster & Ireland Rugby Union Player

“I’ve first-hand experience of the challenges professional sportswomen and men are up against. The Play-Ex platform genuinely helps; it saves a huge amount of time researching the market, and there’s no cost. I’m excited to be on board as brand ambassador.”

Shirley Robertson OBE

“A revolutionary platform which I’m amazed hasn’t been created before.”

Simon Jones MBE

England Cricketer

Play-Ex offers a free, inclusive service with no management fees, no contract and no obligation.

Services are presented on a seamless platform available on smartphone, tablet and laptop.

Play-Ex is an independent platform. Just impartial connections with the right service at the right time.

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